Tuesday, June 24, 2014


There will come a time in your life where you spend a lot of time on something only to have someone else say that your something was not up to some standards of someone else. This game fell under something like that.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's A Digital World And I'm A Digital Girl

Digital painting is fun. Or at least I enjoy it. I occasionally hear traditionalist bickering about it not being as true to form as actual painting because of the unlimited undos or the high polish look that digital art offers. I feel like those arguments are along the lines of complaints that movies based on books are not as good as the original novel. In that magical world of stating the obvious the supplemental nature of digital art/movie books is overlooked. Both are vehicles to allow a different supplemental experience to the tactile world of traditional painting and reading. Most digital artists are aware that digital painting is not real painting (it's glaringly obvious) but also don't see it as a way to cheat traditional methods. It's actually better if there is a strong foundation of drawing and painting present before working digitally. There is now a multitude of methods, effects, brushes, textures, etc to make digital work look less digital. I guess the point is that regardless of how robobobo my digital work looks I have fun doing it.

Friday, April 25, 2014


These bits are more for my fine arts, but thought I would post them here since I used the same approach as I do with my visual development work. I wanted to step away from more of the complex renderings in my earlier work and focus more on simple shapes and design elements. As I do with most of my character development I built out the general silhouettes then worked my way up to the finish.   

Monday, April 14, 2014

8 Bites

Latern already has a great team of artists. So while I didn't get to actually work on FrostWars Rise Of Fatty Sparkles I did do a few concepts for some in game icons. Nothing too elaborate, take the existing characters and make 8bit versions. I had also included a sheet of other 8bit characters for inclusion, Ginger Force Five was my favorite.

Uh, Hey Bro.

Somewhere back in the 2K10's the preferred method of growing crops was online. I'm not sure why running a virtual farm was of any interest or how a game like Farmville managed to hold captive the attention of half the nation, but it did, and its audience paid a lot of money for the privilege. It was only a matter of time before someone said, "Hey bro, wouldn't it be great if you could grow pot on your computer farm?" Not really, but my former employers thought it would be. "Wait a minute Bro, you're an artist, you don't smoke the drugs?" Nope, however I have suffered from a 30 year long heat stroke living in Southern California, which is basically the same as being high. After agreeing that our minds were equally mush, TrafficKing was created. The following concepts were created, and the game had a short life span, (which I guess was to be expected). Even though I harp on the game structure the concepts were fun to work on. I appreciated the irreverent nature and the challenges of making a pot growing game interesting. I also got to work with good friends Micheal Maurino and Marta Da Costa.   


Friday, April 11, 2014

Destined For The Garbage

Asking someone to create the UI/UX for your app, game, site, or whatever is very forward and is on par with asking someone to help you move or take you to the airport. Nobody wants to do it and if they do then you might want to consider a background check. Like those people who enjoy fonts way too much, people who enjoy UI/UX design are one missed bi polar pill away from burning down the office. My capillaries exploded when I was asked to create the GUI for Naked Gun, and to have it all tossed in the end turned the remaining veins in my body into what amounts to that pink sludge chicken nuggets are made out of. 


Posers, Rebooting is the New Rehash

This was an updated version of the Naked Gun story, so the characters, (while slightly resembling the original cast), were to be completely different but the same. I think this contradiction is the rule for reboots, maybe, dunno- I had fun coming up with theses versions but still feel like they should've been develop more instead of just pushed through to production. The Producers' kids were given ipads and were waiting for me to get this game done, so time was of the essences.