Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's A Digital World And I'm A Digital Girl

Digital painting is fun. Or at least I enjoy it. I occasionally hear traditionalist bickering about it not being as true to form as actual painting because of the unlimited undos or the high polish look that digital art offers. I feel like those arguments are along the lines of complaints that movies based on books are not as good as the original novel. In that magical world of stating the obvious the supplemental nature of digital art/movie books is overlooked. Both are vehicles to allow a different supplemental experience to the tactile world of traditional painting and reading. Most digital artists are aware that digital painting is not real painting (it's glaringly obvious) but also don't see it as a way to cheat traditional methods. It's actually better if there is a strong foundation of drawing and painting present before working digitally. There is now a multitude of methods, effects, brushes, textures, etc to make digital work look less digital. I guess the point is that regardless of how robobobo my digital work looks I have fun doing it.


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